Naturally Native – Our Story

Sowing the seeds of success…

Naturally Native’s story begins in 1980, when Tauranga teacher Mark Dean decided to make a radical career change, leaving the classroom after nine years to establish a nursery at Oropi. Mark had a passion for native species and decided to specialize, and what began as a “lifestyle” venture transformed into a horticultural success story. In 1995, after 15 years of running the Oropi nursery, Mark and his wife Esme joined with shareholders to establish Naturally Native NZ Plants Ltd.

One of New Zealand’s largest native plant growers

Today, Naturally Native is one of the country’s largest specialist native plant growers, with over 500 native species and cultivars being grown and supplied in large volumes into the retail, commercial and contract markets.

Credited as being the driving force behind the commercialization of native New Zealand plants, Naturally Native’s success can be attributed to our specialist knowledge and technical expertise, and to the dedication of our highly skilled people.

With efficient real time inventory and production management systems, innovative marketing and management practices, and a commitment to producing plants of superior quality, Naturally Native has become one of New Zealand’s best known native plant brands.

Our Nurseries

Naturally Native has a modern propagation facility in Oropi near Tauranga enabling us to produce an ever expanding range and volume of the highest quality native plants.  We focus on garden centre lines and revegetation contracts.

Our Markets

Naturally Native supplies a comprehensive range of groundcovers, shrubs and trees to a wide variety of customer groups. These include retail garden centres, commercial landscapers and landscape designers, planting contractors, landscape and environment consultants and private customers. Naturally Native has also pioneered long term supply contracts with local authorities. Plants are supplied throughout New Zealand as well as to several export destinations including Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Garden Centres

Vibrant, eye-catching point-of-sale material and promotional ideas makes a Naturally Native plant stand out from the crowd! Our new colour coordinated label branding, instantly identifies premier Naturally Native plants throughout garden centres.


At Naturally Native we grow large lines of quality stock for the landscaping industry. We pride ourselves on providing reliable product and delivering a fast, efficient response to quote enquiries and stock requests.

Contract Growing

Naturally Native provides a full spectrum of contract growing services, including seed collection, propagation, growing on and delivery.

Environmental Restoration

Naturally Native works closely with councils and beach care groups to provide plants for environmental restoration. Naturally Native is proud to be involved in the restoration of native environments. In addition to supporting environmental projects, private landowners are able to purchase directly from our nursery for their own restoration.











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