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The Naturally Native Guarantee

Naturally Native plants are unconditionally guaranteed. Our modern propagation facilities and expertise enables us to continue to produce an ever expanding range and volume of the highest quality native plants. We grow over 500 different native species and cultivars, including a comprehensive range of groundcovers, shrubs and trees. We have introduced plant selections to enhance private and public gardens, and continue our quest for superior performing native plants.

All plant production is carefully planned to take advantage of natural growing cycles and to meet individual customer requirements. With our fully computerized inventory system ‘Hortbase’ we can track all stock from propagation right through to sale, enabling us to inform our customers of plant status and availability instantly.

Quality First

When it comes to quality, we pride ourselves on being market leaders. We don’t take second best – we continuously strive to ensure we offer only the best quality native plants to our customers.

On-line Catalogue

With Naturally Native’s on-line plant catalogue you can view our comprehensive range of plant listings either botanical or common name order for easy reference.

The Guide

The Guide to the Naturally Native Plant Range is an invaluable reference tool for every native plant enthusiast! With over 10,000 copies distributed to date, this publication has provided a wealth of information over the past decade. Our latest edition of The Guide, released in 2006, features even more colour photos and new additions to our range. We have also introduced easy reference symbols which represent growing conditions most suited to each plant to complement our full plant descriptions.

Our new ‘Plants for Specific Places’ index recommends plants suited to varying climatic conditions, such as damp or coastal areas, and plants for specific uses such as attracting birds or erosion control.

The Guide is arranged in alphabetical order using botanical names for easy reference; while a handy list on the inside back cover can help you easily match that elusive botanical name to the common one you are familiar with!

With over 500 plants listed The Guide is an excellent reference to New Zealand natives, and a very handy book for all landscapers and gardeners alike. The Guide is a convenient A5 size, ideal to carry on the job, out in the garden or keep in the glove-box. Order your copy here today.

Which Plant for Where?

As featured in the latest edition of The Guide, you can now search online for plants for specific places and uses here.

Finding Our Plants

Our plants are available at all leading garden centres.


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  • Clematis Spring Essence
  • Clematis Sweet Hart
  • Clematis paniculata

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