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Orders & Dispatch

Orders are accepted by phone, fax or email at our Tauranga office:

Customers are also welcome to visit our nursery at Tauranga to view the stock and order direct - contact details here.

Naturally Native has a comprehensive on-line inventory management system which enables us to tell you in an instant if we have a particular plant you require, and where it is! The system also allows us to effectively manage indent purchasing for your convenience.

All orders are dispatched on the first available freight run for maximum convenience. Full delivery timetables are available on request. Orders can also be collected from the nearest nursery. Please arrange at time of order confirmation. We can also arrange courier deliveries.

Handled With Care

Naturally Native uses exchangeable nursery industry standard trolleys to ensure plants are delivered in excellent condition. Our trolleys can be easily pushed across any hard surface to the exact spot where they need to be unloaded.

Plants are labeled as per customer requirements, with full bar coding, retail pricing and retail labeling services available free of charge.

While there is no minimum to purchase, our transport operators normally require a minmum of 30 plants per delivery.

Contract Growing

Naturally Native provides a full spectrum of contract growing services, including seed collection, propagation, growing on and delivery. Contract stock is grown to exacting methods ensuring that customer production and supply targets are met. Our online inventory and production system ensures precise management of stock, which is available for viewing and assessment at any time. We have a wealth of experience in the supply of natives for revegetation and coastal dune restoration work.

Seed Collection/Eco-Sourcing

Naturally Native has considerable experience in eco-sourcing plant material for specific contracts and provides this service as required. Seed collection is undertaken by Naturally Native staff or recognised seed collection agents as appropriate. Our inventory and production system provides for effective tracking of plant and seed origin throughout the entire propagation and growing period.


Naturally Native are proud to be involved in the restoration of native environments. In addition to supporting environmental projects, private landowners are able to purchase directly from our nursery for their own restoration.

Native Plant Champions

Naturally Native are proud to play an active role in these organizations:

Technical Support

At Naturally Native we know it’s important to back up a good quality product with superior service. Experienced, knowledgeable native plant professionals are only a phone call away for any queries you may have - contacts here. We also regularly host seminars for retailers, landscapers and landowners. Our information pamphlets are another great source of information, and our handbook – The Guide to the Naturally Native Plant Range, is a valuable resource detailing where plants grow and how they can be used. You can also find a wealth of information via our on-line plant catalogue.

Revegetation and Ecosystem Restoration

Naturally Native are proud to be involved in the restoration of native environments. Our services in this area include:

  • Planting plans
  • Restoration planning
  • Flora and fauna survey
  • Pest plant survey and management
  • Planting
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring






Revegetation and Ecosystem Restoration


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